Producing Literature of an Oldest Antiquity, by immersions in
the Late Aegean & Eastern Mediterranean Bronze Ages.


This Website has added two features to the Home Menu for Title Releases. Both are large screen tabulations which quickly download to fill your screen. Both tabulations also have a Zoom feature, which when clicked on the right side of your mouse will allow most readable copy for you to peruse. Do so by scrolling up and down, and side to side, for your fullest enjoyment of the highly original content.

The Bardot Group also has underway a poster illustrative of the 15th, 14th and 13th centuries BC. Our art rendering below shows the full results in miniature. We shall be publishing the poster in two sizes, 48" long by 37" wide, and in Jumbo by proportional upsizing from a 47" width.

This Poster can be ordered now for purchase in its several large dimensions through alerting S W Bardot at I shall respond with the cost of your preference, which will include shipping and handling of the mailing cylinder in which the scrolled poster will be rolled.

About Bardot Books

Bardot Books is the publishing affiliate of the Bardot Group, whose charter and mission since 1924 has been advanced study of the Late Aegean Bronze Age. By 1937, irrespective the looming World War II, we expanded our studies ever eastward to Anatolia and the Levant.

Bardot Books was founded in 2008 for various purposes of published outreach. We're academic without being overly erudite. We employ fiction as a robust expository method, eschewing the dry and dull non-fictional approaches to reconstructing our deep pasts. We have recently directed our efforts to the trade book publication of Mentor’s royal and archival opera, by which our advanced realization of the collateral Late Helladic, Last Minoan and Final Tröadic Periods within the LABA. Mentor (1284-1219 BC), our oldest master of writ, is a robust creation of the Bardot Group's earliest and oldest scholars (the best kind, of course). S W Bardot has translated off their invented Mentor both in redaction and with modern supplementation. He's far more than a caricature of a distant past. He lives his lifetime as the Bardot Group lives still! While about a final dress-up of his oldest writ, we contrast his findings with the Masters of mythography that lived during the Lyric, Classical and Hellenistic Ages of the Aegean Rim..... (more About S W Bardot)

About Bardot Books & Our Narrator Mentör

Our debut release was Embassy Outbound, 2008, a first part volume of the Trojan War Advent. It’s by way of a proposed trilogy. A shorter book of novella length has introduced Penelope : Princess of Lakonia. It's release since July 2009 has it the First Colloquy of our Hearth & Home Chronicles. Now it’s an e-Book, since July, 2013. It aims for mainstream readability through an autobiographical reconstruction of Greece's greatest epic heroine during her early childhood years - as she lived them so happily within a royal family that ruled over  Lakonia of the Peloponnesus. Our portrait of this real person of prehistory as a girl is supplemented by a booklet paperback discussion of the cultural anthropology inherent the Early Greek Mythology about her.

The primary focus of the Bardot Group of scholars is reconstruction of the myths in keeping with their original recitals during the Great Oral Tradition (1590 – 1230 BC). Both the earliest  releases are complete departures from the revisionist mythography of the 1st Millennium BC Greeks, who have proved poor historians about their earliest pasts. That means no disrespect of their manifest literary talents; Classical Greek Mythology renders evocatively the periods and eras of their supposed direct forbears. But they scrub too much away of the original historicity behind true lifetimes of heroes and heroines. The Colloquies by Penelope are drawn from our advanced serialization of Mentor's opera, a contemporary narrator who’s been fictionalized for a long lifetime as a master at the writ of Linear B Oldest Greek.

His Royal Chronicles are the result of that literacy within period developments and occurrences. They’re composed as though based upon found entablature, whose final opera, most likely  by alternative media, has been forever lost. Although we adhere to the firm and clear intent of our “Master,” Embassy Outbound is a spin-off of Royal Chronicles Mentör’s late life compositions about the Trojan War’s advent.

House Ascendant, released in 2011, reflects his earliest ever compositions of a precocious teenager still new to the arts of writ. Even as he’s still in rapid evolution of a literacy introduced to him as a lad in 1285 BC, he has much to inspire him from teachers who were the best available to the royal courts of his time. The title itself is about the nascent House of Cephalos. Mainly it’s biographical about Odysseus' family. When it’s about the epic hero and Mentor as early and whole lifetime closest friends, their shared youth early in the thirteenth century BC allows us vista and overview of a maritime era arriving to a zenith of the region Cephallenia as the home of a brief but illustrious sea power. Much as our book about Penelope, it’s expository about both teenagers’ comings-of-age.

For a 2014 release we have completed Cephalos Ward-of-Eleusis, final edits now pending by follow-up to formal book design now in process. It’s again biographical, about the great grandfather of Odysseus. It’s set in and around the Saronic Gulf of  Greece. Cephalos is rendered a true person of the prehistorical 14th century BC. Most famously known otherwise in myth, as an obscure last patriarch of 14th century BC’s long generation of greatest mythical personages,  Cephalos juxtaposes several most brilliant contemporaries. The book is a proto-history about the Saronic Gulf with particular attention to the Isthmus,  the North Rim Powers and Attica. The recreation of such proto-history means a narrative style in genre of academic expository fiction. By book's end we will have rendered for our readers, especially those who are wholly unfamiliar with classical antiquity, to become well-informed prehistorians of the Late Aegean Bronze Age. For our classical studies buffs there’s much to unlearn of oldest lessons learned for their highly individual refashioning of their imaginings about the Late Bronze Age.

Current Information


New readers and old are urged to take a peek at this box from time to time before you go to the Bardot Blogs. It shall always locate way down and left of this website’s home page. We’re chucking social media and newsletters and shall instead offer access to our limited edition book releases from the past. Amazon has recently taken to making an after marker on our books at really hyped up prices! So, even though we’re neither a wholesaler nor a retailer of books, we produce quality at prices that only reflect what we do, which is limited release merchandising.

You'll always get our most recent CLASSICAL THOUGHTS & THINKING from time to time. They aim to entertain you in a different way from our Bardot Blogs, while also bringing your life some small doses of profundity. While our other write-ups are usually referent to our book titles, or to the major source scholarship behind their content, we hope to keep the promotional and merchandising stuff minimal and least harassing.

Nonetheless, we have stock on hand for our 2009 limited release, Penelope Princess of Lakonia, a finely produced paperback. You can already buy it as an economical e-Book, but it’s still very much a worthy keepsake to turn pages with, cover in hands. It will cost you $28.00 + $4.00 S&H. Orders for 2 or more books need only pay $8.00 S&H. Please fill in the box just to the right or send a check to Bardot Books, 11-A Montauk Highway, Westhampton, Long Island, NY 11977. We’ll need you e-mail address to alert you when we’ve fulfilled your order. So slip it into the envelope with your check.


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