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The Author R. Bacon Whitney

Rude at Olympics
The Guy from Rude is fraught. Deeming shattered his dreams to attain the 1964 Summer Olympics at Tokyo as a sweep rowing-Talent, he retreats into a summer job. That, however, is curtailed by the death of his beloved grandfather, his once and only greatest fan of his Alpine Skiing and Heavyweight Rowing talents. Having let Grampy down, and feeling otherwise remiss, he pitches his chance as a Downhill specialist for the U.S. Alpine Ski Team. Its last shaky formation for the Innsbruck Winter Olympics is much nearer impending anyway.

Knowing the U.S. Organizing Committee is at a dearth of Downhill guys, and that he leads the list of long chance, even last-chance, contenders, the Rude Guy’s summer turns into a brief foray to make his talent felt. Felt he is, too, as a conceited loner who won’t truck the nefarious rules of the sports media ilks. They’re taking control of all Olympic promotion. They also think he’s a flash in the pan. But the few core organizers know they have to take a best and last chance in the Rude Guy. They allow his conditioning advantages by intense Heavyweight Rowing to become his outstanding prep for the trials in Alpine Skiing.

He excels. He’s assured as the U.S. Downhill Specialist—Super Omnes all his rivals, of whom there are zilch – none! To the chagrin of the sports media types, official Regressive Grown-up and all else of underlings at gross subversion of his amateur status, the Guy positions himself a champion of the Olympic Oath and Rude’s strictest championship of the kingdom’s Amateur Code. He soon delights the top organizers of Alpine Skiing both stateside and worldwide. He enters meets to prove his top speed and comes away with a chance to become an All-Rounder in all the other Olympic Alpine events. That carries him through Canada, then Italy, and finally to Innsbruck as a top Downhill racer and top placer in the Grand Slalom. The weather forecast then turns awful! He finds nigh full melt-off of snow, amidst other panic-inducing developments at Innsbruck. No snow and much else has the sports media types desperate to rebuke impending disaster. They move to cheat the Rude Guy out of his every best chance.

Can the Rude Guy triumph over all the tribulations next imposed? It seems the Wizard of Odds is lurking abouts and he’s fully against the loner hero’s endeavors!

So for the first of his tribulations, not knowing more are in store for the Rude Guy.

Somehow a valorous hero abroad, despite undeserved ignominy from the Greatest Republic and the College, he thinks himself shed of all archenemies of amateur athletes and other violators of the Olympic Oath. He’s a member of the oldest amateur sports organization there is— the National Association of Amateur Oarsmen! Just in time to make the College’s Varsity Crew and a long spring’s contention renders the elite crews over all US8s by the colleges. Predestined to win the Gold Medal at Tokyo, they all think, what were once his least chances turn into best chance again to have an Olympic Eight bring back the glory of another gold medal!

Our revised edition of 2015’s Rude at Rowing: 1964’s US8s has already told the outcomes. Here in barely revised reprise the Rude Guy is a would-be Olympian by two different sport-Talents. What a great book deal! Be warned, however: The Wizard of Odds has to turn up for the Rude Guy yet again!

R. Bacon Whitney was born to the kingdom of Rude’s Grand Duchy Southwest as a scion of the Good Blood by all four quadrants of his ancestral pedigree. His family’s Place, on and around Bacon Farm of Old Westbury, was guardian of the portals against the Trespassing, Fiendish Fiends all—its many ilks are relentless at their destruction of the Idyll by Rude’s Progenitive Culture, the Rural Peerage and Great Sports Culture. But the Trespassers have begun to dissolve the Grand Duchy SW, where Bacon Farm has been lost to the Educrats. By an eminent domain proceeding to build a GeeDee high school, ruthless Robmosis from the City and the Imperial State has taken his revenge upon Rude for forcing his Northern State Parkway’s diversion, perforce, by a circuit circumventing southward of the other Grand Duchies. Robmosis would next gouge the kingdom grievously, intent to build the Long Island Expressway! Rude is going to become goners when he does. So, Sports Fans, let’s enjoy the 1960s and Rude’s oppressed rich and famous while the kingdom still endures!

Rude at Rowing

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Rude Jacket

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Rude Cover

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Rude Cover

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