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House Ascendant : Odysseus & His Family in the Early 13th Century BC

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From Odysseus birth in 1286 BC to his fifteenth year of age, this coming-of-age biography is also a fictional protohistory about the early 13th century BC of western Greece. the setting is Ithaca Isle during the young sovereign years of father Laertes co-regency with the grandfather Arceisius. Odysseus' motherIt tells the story of his lifelong friendship with Mentor son-of-Alkimosa, a Highlander off the Pholoe Mountains of the northwest Peloponnesus. A lad just a year younger than Odysseus, Mentor at age thirteen became the ward of his father Laertes.

Growing up together, they remain close even as their career paths must diverge. Until that time, Odysseus achieves the fundamental talents of his father that shall enable his accession to co-regency with Laertes. By book's end he's become the Fleetmaster & sea Wanax of the western Cephallenes. Mentor learns writ and journalizing by syllabary while an understudy to Laertes. By that aptitude and proficiency he prepares to serve his ultimate sovereign, the maiden matriarch Helen daughter-of-Nemesis, most famous as Helen of Sparta and of troy.


The Royal Chronicles of Mentor begin in 1286 BCE with the recent marriage of Laertes & Anticleia in Phokis. Salutary of a long peace to come, it was, nonetheless, a wedlock performed within a loose armistice that ended the hostilities which the Highlanders called the Long War (of the Lowlanders) but which the Cephallenes of Western Greece dubbed the Isthmian War. It had begun as the Argive War, a civil war between the Sons of Pelops, Atreus & Thyestes. For them the early warfare was called the War of the Brothers Rivalry. It escalated into religious civil war (hagia statotia) whereby a vicious clash between the Old & Ancient Beliefs of traditional matriarchy and the New Beliefs by interloping patriarchs. For that reason we think the warfare is magnificently allegorical of what the Classical Greek Mythologists have dubbed The Telemachia, the fantasy War of the Olympians and the Titans.

The Long War lasted from 1301 to 1285 BCE as a full conquest of Kadmeis and martial occupation of the Isthmus of Ephyrea. The liberation of Kadmeis is when we begin to call its much reduced region Thebes. Atreus survived the war defeated for six years, then died. His brother Thyestes, triumphant, renamed imperial Argolis Great Argos, by taking the title of Great Wanax Regent. Thereby he repressed the succession of Agamemnon to his father Atreus, but also conserved the Dual Dynasty of the Pelopids and the Perseids. That had been the clear intention of his father Pelops as abetted by another regency, that of the Great Wanax Regent Eurystheus.



House Ascendant : Odysseus & His Family in the 13th Century BC

The First Volume of the Royal Chronicles by Mentor Son of Alkimos the Highlander, by whom also our serialization of ongoping writing projects.

The revised title above stems from what has previously been previewed is a coming-of-age biography of Odysseus as a boy and young teenager. In parallel it's biography Mentor as well, for a dual framework Protohistory. In genre of historical fiction, a story about a greatest friendship in western literature, the two essential biographies are skeletal to the regional prehistory of Western Greece beginning with the co-regent reigns of the father Laertes, son of Arceisius, with that grandfather sired by the legendary Cephalos.

A first part tells us tales about Odysseus while under the care of his mother Anticleia; a second part relates his late childhood to his apprenticeship at naval command while subject to his brilliant father Laërtes. That takes us through his fifteenth birthday, when he accedes to the co-regent title of Fleetmaster and Sea Wanax (Apparent). A third part introduces us briefly to his loves-in-life.They begin just after his recuperation from a gashing wound by a boar, which he suffered while a guest of his grandfather Autolykos at Gulf Phokis. He heals, of course, to command the Near Fleets of the Ithacan League, during which period his consortship with Kassiope of Scheria by the House of Phaiax.

A fully drafted manuscript since 1990, it has been carefully rewritten to fit within the constraint of 450 pages. Extensive addenda address both the needs of advanced scholarly audiences for validations of the Translator, and also the tools that lay persons wholly unfamiliar with antiquity and epic can use for their rare quests back into these far earlier times. One such tool is provided by the link below, by which our offering of "a Power Spectrum" of the centuries BC involved in our stories. There is also an Index by which readers can recall or relearn the many perosnages of Early Greek Mythology.

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Of Islands, Laërtes, whom Matrons make Lord,
Whose channels darting dolphins ford,
Where wind-swept cliffs that my sea gulls soar,
Forever be Peace where your ships moor.

Bring becalmed lengthening... 
To shores north and south,
Stretch east as well ....
Down the Great Gulf's Mouth.

Comfort your friends for havens welcome to you,
Leave west, far east as your man-child's due.
On near seas and shores your best commerce lies,
Upon far lapping waters your son's fame relies.

Yours are the light winds.....
And his are the fierce,
Your waters familiar .......
And his yet to pierce.

Gather the flocks, fleece for spinners, the looms,
Beware less the Sea Chiefs should weave Medas’ dooms.
By all fruits while Wanax I provide ample pleasure,
But your ships to thy son must be left in vast measure.
Cutting east deeply with his high daring prows,
He'll bring you back fully what Asia endows.

Lost spouse in the east ....
For High Matron he'll be
Until his son's manhood....
No son shall he see.

True daughter well wedded, marriage-daughter your strength, 
The son will spend warring at all too great length.
The sons of the Sea Chiefs will be all that yee'll see,
'Til slain by a beggar's bow, as hermit you'll be.
Yet grandson a High Chief , o'er arms darkly vaulted,
Hangs halls with women, and braggarts' lives halted

Then off to the north.....
Make a quiet retreat.
Fear not, go forth.....
On fearsome last feat.

The time of the Bronze ended that of the Stone,
New matter of Gaia men temper and hone.
Times of Her Light end with those of Her Dark.
Again comes the gloaming, whence wild wolves bark.
Treasure your glory in bright fame of thy son.
For over time past by his future well won,

Long tale shall be made......
In stanzas which parade:

His tale and yours......
Blind enchanter out-pours



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