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What follows begins long before the Translator, S W Bardot, began his tenure within the Bardot Group. Philologists since its founding had been making a robust literature of Mentor's found entablature ever since a first discovery of his writ by Rudolph Bardot in 1985. That find delivered us the Master's Royal Chronicles, and also where buried, beneath a deliberate fire and cave-in of what had been his "studio." Now roughly translated into thirty subsidiary chronicles, each of about a novella's length, they represent Mentor's earliest fruition as a caste-scribe, or, just as aptly typed, as a faithful composer with a special predilection for taking dictation of spoken declamation of his oral sources. As those compositions evolved from his adaptive syllabary into now lost or destroyed folios, we can follow Mentor's maturing mastery into an artistic writer..... (more About the Bardot Group)

About Mentor

Mentor is best known from the Lyric Age and Classical Greek Mythology as the best friend of Odysseus. He's the leading supporter of Prince Telemachus in The Odyssey. The Goddess Athena takes the Master's guise in order to appear to Telemachus, the 19 year old son of Odysseus and Penelope. Later in the epic he metamorphoses into a swallow, thereby to witness the horrendous massacre of suitors which brings the poem to its climactic denouement. Finally, he brings peace to the parents and kinsmen who would avenge those slaughtered suitors, by which act of reconciliation he formalizes the just restoration of Odysseus to home, hearth and realm as the 3rd Wanax of the Cephallenes.

In later literature, by France in particular, several novels repeated a particular characterization, whereby Mentor became best known as the strict yet avuncular tutor of Telemachus. His doting service in that capacity, during fourteen of Odysseus' twenty years of epochal absence from Ithaca, brought the Prince-of-House to his maturity and earliest fitness as a young sovereign. From that able and winning characterization we of modern times have created the verb "to mentor," or, by idiom just as apt, have brought the deft capacity for greatest tutelage to our expressions "to be a mentor" or "acting as a mentor."

He serves as out contmporary narrator, a master of archival writ, and the personification of the earliest mythology behind the extant versions by ancient writers and literary mythographers. We expand upon his role in another section of this website...... (more About Mentor)



The Echinades Isles and the mainland shores near opposite composed Cephallenia around a dynasty, the House of Cephalos. Directly across from the Great Gulf (of Korinth), the Isles anchored the greatest shipbuilders of their age, who drawn hauled gigantic trees and timber resources off the shoreline of the Ionian Gulf (the Adriatic Sea' precursor name). The sea above the Isles, here depicted, leaves out the dominion of Scheria under the House of Phaiax; the water itself was called the Near Sea. The sea to the south of Zakynthos Isle, at the bottom of this satellite portrait, was aptly called the South Sea. Its water formerly fell under the bully hegemony of Minoan Crete and equally ravaging imperial Argives. Those Seas, therefore, and the Great Gulf (of Korinth) at portrait center-right describe well the ambit of The Ithacan League.

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