Producing Literature of an Oldest Antiquity, by immersions in
the Late Aegean & Eastern Mediterranean Bronze Ages.

This Website has added two features to the Home Menu for Title Releases. Both are large screen tabulations which quickly download to fill your screen. Both tabulations also have a Zoom feature, which when clicked on the right side of your mouse will allow most readable copy for you to peruse. Do so by scrolling up and down, and side to side, for your fullest enjoyment of the highly original content.

The Bardot Group also has underway a poster illustrative of the 15th, 14th and 13th centuries BC. Our art rendering below shows the full results in miniature. We shall be publishing the poster in two sizes, 48" long by 37" wide, and in Jumbo by proportional upsizing from a 47" width.

This Poster can be ordered now for purchase in its several large dimensions through alerting S W Bardot at I shall respond with the cost of your preference, which will include shipping and handling of the mailing cylinder in which the scrolled poster will be rolled.

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If you decline to submit your e-Mail address, please be assured that you can always peruse CLASSICAL THOUGHTS & THINK-ING by going to the Facebook account of Saltonstall Weld Bardot. Just go to the Wall where his Notes are posted. This website is an immersion, but the Notifications are a brief warm dunking in pools of a farthest past.


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