Producing Literature of an Oldest Antiquity, by immersions in
the Late Aegean & Eastern Mediterranean Bronze Ages.

Title Releases

About the Serializations of Mentor's Chronicles:

There are three separate and ongoing serializations that are almost finished their first releases:

The Royal Chronicles:

Mentor's compositions are biographical from his early teenage years up to and through the Eastern Conflicts, better known as the Trojan War. They begin in the year 1286 BC, our best estimate of Odysseus' birthdate.

First Release......... House Ascendant : Odysseus & His Family in the Early 13th Century BC

The Hearth & Home Chronicles:

Written as autobiographical colloquy of Penelope, by her dictation to Mentor.

Penelope : Princess of Lakonia

Penelope : Princess of Lakonia Supplement

The Archival Chronicles:

Works of Mentor's late age years as an historian, the series plots the events of the 14th century BC that led up to a major war from 1301 to 1285 BC. The brief series is mostly in proof of the lifetime of Cephalos, the naval genius who led the Saronic Gulf's Rim Powers in secession from imperial Minoa. The last of series is a triplet of biographical expository fiction by elision of the lives of Arceisius son-of-Cephalos, Sisyphus the Keeper of Ephyrea (LABA Korinthos and Megaris as the Isthmus entire) and Laertes. Consecutively they spanned the middle 14th century BC through most of the 13th century BC.

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